The Forget Me Nots, Kent

We are a group that has been running for 6 years in Canterbury.

Our aims are to raise the standards of dementia services nationally, whilst acting as a network to combat the stigma of dementia together.

Achievements of the group include organising a Kent wide dementia day, raising awareness about living with dementia in schools and working with DEEP to plan a day to spread the message about the student model of support we use, to inspire other DEEP groups to do the same.

The group meets on the second Friday of every month.

We welcome people in the Canterbury/East Kent area diagnosed with dementia. We are supported by clinical psychologists and psychology students.

You can read a summary of our Emotions and Dementia paper by clicking: FMM Emotions and dementia summary (002).

The Forget Me Nots, Kent

  • Elizabeth Field - 01304 216625
The Forget Me Nots, Kent

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