York Minds and Voices

Opening minds and moving forward

Minds and Voices began in September 2014 and membership has steadily increased month by month as we become more established and recognised by local services.

Our name was agreed after several months meeting and discovering what the group is all about. ‘Minds and Voices, opening minds and moving forward’ is exactly what we wanted to say.

We all feel we still have a great deal to contribute and to say and are keen to change people’s perceptions of people with dementia by our level of engagement and influence locally.

In our short existence we have gained a positive reputation amongst Health and Social services who recognise the importance of being able to get together with peers; to share experiences; and to consult locally too.

We have been involved with:

  • York City Council’s proposed new signage plan for visitors and tourists, ensuring that maps are much less cluttered and easier to understand for everybody.
  • Psychology research students and their consultant, looking into humour and living well.
  • A small team hoping to set up Mindfulness sessions for people with dementia locally.
  • Carrying out a dementia friendly audit of the building and environment of an active local Church.
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s York Committee panel which considers funding applications for local dementia specific projects.
  • The evaluation of the Dementia Without Walls project here in York.

We are very much on the way to opening minds and moving forward.

York Minds and Voices

  • Damian Murphy (Dementia Friendly Training and Consultancy) or Emily Abbott (Here Now Dementia)
  • dementiafriendly@outlook.com or emily.abbott@herenow.org.uk

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