Healthy Living Club, Stockwell

The Healthy Living Club, based in Southeast London, is a self-directed community group promoting the wellbeing of its members —people with a dementia, their carers and friends. All members contribute to the functioning of the Club to the extent that they are able. The group meets weekly to engage in activities chosen to alleviate the symptoms of dementia and/or to help arrest or reverse cognitive decline. However, all members, including members who would be defined as volunteers at other settings, take part in all activities and enjoy them as much as everybody else.

The Healthy Living Club is currently supported by a two year grant from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity which is due to run out at the end of October. However, since achieving charitable status last autumn, the group secured several small grants that will cover the cost of some of the activities at the Club (exercise, music and art and crafts) for up to 12 months, and more applications are in the pipeline.

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The Healthy Living Club attended the DEEP London Networking event in February 2014.

Healthy Living Club, Stockwell

  • Simona Florio -- 07790 499 317
Healthy Living Club, Stockwell

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